Bolkar, a social audio platform – Indian's personal guide


Bolkar, a social audio platform – Indian's personal guide

Technology is ever-changing. Every other day there is a new technological trend. The world is shifting along with the pace of digitalization. Question and answer (QNA) apps are one of the trends that have shifted the scenario of problem-solving for internet users. If we look at the use of these platforms, it has given rise to the number of internet users. A lot of people only use the internet for getting their queries answered. Thus, these apps have become quite important in today's world.

Every application has some shortcomings. In India, people from various regions also use the internet for asking their questions. If we look at it generally, the regional people are not so technologically smart. People from a lot of regions do not understand English so it becomes quite difficult for them to be able to take advantage of the digital world. In January 2020, a group of 4 thoughtful individuals gave Indian internet users a solution for these problems. These people launched an Indian QnA app- BOLKAR APP.


The platform gives users the freedom to ask questions and give answers. It allows them to play the role of both-a seeker and a guide. The trending QnA app is all designed according to the needs and preferences of Indian internet users. Since it is based on the latest, hands-free technology, it has become easy to use.

These features allow a greater percentage of people to access the digital world and get their queries answered.

Bolkar app is aimed at letting Indians use the internet in the right way. A lot of people who do not have anyone to hear them get their own space to speak and be heard in their language. It works for making Indians digitally empowered. Removing the typing and language problem, the app has opened gates of knowledge and guidance for people.

This platform is not just a question and answers app, it is a doorway to information, answers, opinions, and solutions. It is aimed at making internet benefits, digital guidance, help, and expert advice available to all without any discrimination of age, economic or cultural background.

It is all about letting people help each other digitally using the power of their voice and language.

Author: Simmi Bhatnagar

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